A photo of Sam with all of the essential items that should be in your gearbag.

Paintball is something a lot of us look forward to when the weekend rolls around. But what we don't look forward to is reaching into our paintball gearbag for something, and it's not there. It's a common mistake that a lot of us make, and maybe it's that excitement that makes us overlook some of these items. This blog post is going to go over the must-have paintball gear bag essentials so that you can play all weekend long and with zero worry!

The biggest thing to tackle is maintenance supplies. Your paintball marker and air tank need some love every now and then, and there are a few items that I highly recommend. First on this list is paintball gun oil or marker lubricant. Having extra marker oil or paintball grease is great for on the fly maintenance, and it's always good to have too much as opposed to not enough. For tank maintenance, it's great to have the H2K Tank Tool handy. The tank tool holds an extra burst disk, o-ring, can bleed air out of your bottle, and is capable of getting your air tank regulator off if needed.

Next on this list are two different things; cleaning supplies and headwear. We're going to start with items for cleaning. Barrel swabs for cleaning any mess inside of your paintball marker's barrel, a pod swab (like this HK Army Mist Pod Swab) to clean out any dirty pods, KleerVu Anti-Fog Lens Cleaner to both clean and prevent your paintball mask from fogging up, and microfiber cloths to wipe off any hits. Each of these items serve their purpose to make sure you can keep playing all day. Paintball headgear, such as headbands or head wraps, are great to keep sweat out of your eyes while on the field. If your paintball headband doesn't fit well, there's always the HK Army Skull Wrap. It is a fully elastic headband with a small mesh cape, it keeps your head nice and cool while blocking the sun from your neck.

Lastly, all of the little miscellaneous items that haven't been mentioned yet. Stock up on 9 volt and AAA batteries just in case any of your paintball equipment goes down on you. Bring a ball sizer with you to make bore matching your paint super easy. Take a BFP Personal Cooling Towel for when it's hot outside, and utilize it to keep the heat away during breaks or down time. If you happen to have any leftover paint after playing, or don't like filling your loader or pod from the bag, it's always good to bring a paintball caddy or the HK Ball Hauler along.

You can also check out our Paintball Gear Bag Essentials video right below!

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