Please Read This Page In Its Entirety Before Submitting Your Trade-In Form:

We do NOT buy/trade Azodin, Spyder, or Tippmann Paintball guns. We also will not buy/trade any gun that has not been manufactured in the last 5 years (i.e. Piranha paintball guns). We also will not buy/trade a paintball gun from a manufacturer that gone out of business (i.e. Smart Parts Paintball).

Our Paintball Gun Trade-in Program is designed to be simple and easy to use. You will be offered Cash Value or Trade-in Value on your item, based on your request. We do not take in any guns that have mechanical issues of any kind. We also do not do not take in any guns with a retail value of under $100.

What do we look at for Cash or Trade-in Value?

We look at the current market value of the paintball gun. When we do this, we look at the USED resale market. We cannot offer the market value at which the paintball gun sells new, even if the paintball gun has only been used one time or “never used”. Once it is sold the first time it will always be considered used.

Want to SELL (cash)?

When you want to sell for CASH we look at the current used market value of the paintball gun being sold. We will offer you about 40% LESS than you would get selling directly to an individual at current market value. We are a business, we have to put in time to the paintball gun to resell it and still be able to make a profit off the sale after paying fees and other associated expenses.

Want to TRADE?

When you want to trade we look at the current used market value of the paintball gun being traded. We will give you the full used value of the paintball gun up for trade towards a paintball gun of GREATER value. You will owe the remaining total of the new paintball gun purchase. We only do trade up to higher values, we do NOT trade straight across or for lesser valued items.

To get started, read through the form, fill it out completely, and then Submit.

We look forward to helping you upgrade your paintball gear.