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Dye Lock Lid PodDye Lock Lid Pod
DYE Dye Lock Lid Pod
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The Dye Assault Harness in black and in the 3+4 configuration.The Dye Assault harness 4+3 with all pod sleeves full. Carries 7 pods.
DYE Dye Assault Harness 3+4
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The Dye Attack harness in all black.The Dye Attack harness in Dyecam.
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BFPGear.com Team Pod Bag / Dirty Pod Bag. Keep your empty pods or dirty gear in this bag to separate from your clean gear or full pods.BFPGear Pod Bag / Dirty Gear Bag
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The Dye Assault harness in the 4+5 configuration. 4 main pod sleeves with 5 extra sleeves to hold more pods.The Dye Assault harness 4+5 with pods in all sleeves. Can carry up to 9 pods total.
DYE Dye Assault Harness 4+5
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Dye Alpha PodDye Alpha Pod
DYE Dye Alpha Pod
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Dye JET Pack 3+4 Harness - BlackDye JET Pack 3+4 Harness - Black
Dye JET Pack 4+5 - BlackDye JET Pack 4+5 - Black