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HK Army Expand 35L Gear Bag Backpack - StealthHK Army Expand 35L Gear Bag Backpack - Stealth
CRBN 68L XL Duffel Bag - BlackCRBN 68L XL Duffel Bag - Black
Infamous FNDN Modular Waterproof Backpack 31LInfamous FNDN Modular Waterproof Backpack 31L
Infamous FNDN Waterproof Admin Pack 11L
CRBN 24L Backpack BlackCRBN 24L Backpack Black
The Infamous x FNDN sling bag. A fully waterproof, modular, and secure bag to keep items in. This picture shows that the zipper of the Infamous Sling Bag is waterproof. The strap is secured via fidlock, a magnetic locking mechanism that stays secure but is very easy to take off.
The Infamous Ghost Laptop Sleeve. A fully modular laptop sleeve with a signal blocker lining inside. Multiple zippered pockets on the outside to place accessories in.The Infamous Ghost Laptop sleeve has the same Fidlock magnetic caps to firmly secure the sleeve to any bags compatible with the sleeve. The Ghost laptop sleeve is fully waterproof and is 15 inches by 12 inches, being able to fit most standard sized laptops.
The FNDN M6 waterproof backpack from Infamous paintball. Full waterproof coating with heavy duty zippers, carry handle on top, 6 fidlock pegs for extra bags or pouches, and laser cut MOLLE on the back and sides to secure more items if needed.Highlighted features of the M6 waterproof bag. Upgraded carry handle, upgraded waterproof material, extra fidlock pegs and a velcro patch are all highlights of this backpack.
The Infamous MOD MP pouch. This pouch is able to securely attach to anything with MOLLE, making it valuable for any backpacks or duffle bags.A front facing photo of the Infamous MOD MP Pouch. The pouch closes securely with a magnetic lock.
The Infamous FNDN small window pouch. Waterproof pouch to keep small items inside. This pouch can comfortably fit a passport and wrist watch.The Infamous FNDN medium window pouch. Waterproof pouch to keep small items inside. This pouch can comfortably fit a passport, wrist watch, and a few other items.
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The Infamous MOD 1 Ghost pouch. A zippered pouch that opens in half and has an outside zippered pocket.The back of the MOD 1 Ghost pouch. Has MOLLE straps and can attach to any backpacks or duffel bags that are MOLLE capable.
CRBN 48L Dufflepack - BlackCRBN 48L Dufflepack - Black
A picture showing the AW backpack filled with paintball equipment. A paintball marker is strapped securely to the side of the backpack, and a paintball goggle is secured to the top of the backpack.Pictured here is the AW backpack on someone's back. The backpack is full with paintball gear and has a full paintball marker setup strapped to the side with a ProFlex goggle secured to the top.
Infamous Modular Waterproof 54L GearbagInfamous Modular Waterproof 54L Gearbag
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The virtue mid roller gear bag in built to win black.All mid roller gear bags come with an expandable handle.
VIRTUE Virtue Mid Roller Gear Bag
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Valken Phantom BackpackValken Phantom Backpack
VALKEN Valken Phantom Backpack
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