Photograph of the DSR+ Icon box and the paintball marker.

The Dye DSR+ has been a favorite amongst tournament players and casual players alike, boasting good efficiency, super smooth and quiet shot, and superb reliability. A handful of upgrades were made available for the DSR+, such as the IM Pro Kit, to further improve the DSR+ paintball marker. But what if there was a new version of the DSR+ that had these upgrades, and more, already included? Bring in the Dye DSR+ Icon Series.

Okay, that sounds sweet. What's included?

Quite a few things actually! And these are all very welcomed upgrades or small improvements. Starting off, the barrel. The Dye DSR+ comes with a standard two-piece barrel, and the DSR+ Icon has two Dye UL-S barrel backs and one UL-S front. The UL-S barrel is a highly welcomed upgrade and Dye Paintball has always been highly regarded by players as the best paintball barrel manufacturer. 

The Dye UL-S barrel with both backs.

Next on this list is the Iron Men Pro Kit, or IM Pro Kit for short. This is an internal upgrade that improves air efficiency, better consistency with velocity, better reliability, and greatly simplifies maintenance. The Dye IM Pro Kit also contains a tool-less solenoid mounting kit which allows for quicker installation of the DSR+ Mech Frame.

The internals of the DSR+ Icon. The IM Pro Kit is already installed and is indicated by the red piece inside of the core.

The last two major upgrades are the trigger, and the thumb wheel on the feedneck. On the DSR+ paintball gun, they didn't come with an adjustable thumb wheel for on the fly tension adjustment. You'd have to use a hex key to adjust your feedneck to fit your loader, but luckily that issue has been solved with the feedneck knob wheel. The trigger got a massive face-lift with the BWing 21 trigger. This particular paintball gun trigger looks like a mix between the DSR+ Edge2 trigger and the stock Dye M3+ trigger. With multiple points of adjustment and a round finish, every trigger pull feels ergonomically correct.

The Being 21 trigger. An amalgam of the Edge 2 trigger from the DSR+ and the M3+ paintball marker.

That's pretty awesome. Is there anything else?

Oh yeah. Big time. The Icon Series are numbered, and there are only 500 worldwide. And before I forget to mention, the milling on the DSR+ Icon is absolutely gorgeous. Look and see for yourself.

Up close shot of the unique milling to the DSR+ Icon No. 1.

Closing Remarks

It's really simple honestly. Dye's best paintball marker just got better. Having all of these upgrades included and installed makes the Dye DSR+ Icon tournament ready right out of the box, and provides the player with that trusted performance. Limited edition milling straight from the Dye Labs, and being limited to 500 made world-wide makes this paintball gun highly sought after. 

Get your Dye DSR+ Icon paintball gun HERE

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