Planet Eclipse Etha 3 M (Mechanical)

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Planet Eclipse Etha 3M - HDE UrbanPlanet Eclipse Etha 3M - HDE Urban
Planet Eclipse Etha 3M - HDE EarthPlanet Eclipse Etha 3M - HDE Earth
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Planet Eclipse Etha3 M with Protoyz Loader side viewLow Rise Clamping Metal Feed-Neck on a Eclipse Etha3 M paintball marker
The Planet Eclipse Etha 3M in Earth and black.The inside of the Etha 3M box. Cardboard insert fits the marker, barrel, full color manual, barrel sock, spare parts baggy, Allen keys, and eclipse grease.
The Prestige Blue Etha 3. Gloss finished body with crowned skulls and lines all over.An up close shot of the prestige pattern.
Planet Eclipse Etha 3M - Prestige BluePlanet Eclipse Etha 3M - Prestige Blue