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Exalt Barrel Maid SqueegeeExalt Barrel Maid Squeegee
EXALT Exalt Barrel Maid Squeegee
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Pull through squeeze for cleaning paintball barrels
Inception Designs Stella Genesis Barrel 14inInception Designs Stella Genesis Barrel 14in
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Exalt Barrel Maid XLExalt Barrel Maid XL
EXALT Exalt Barrel Maid XL
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Field One Acculock Full Barrel Kit - Autococker Threaded - Dust BlackField One Acculock Full Barrel Kit - Autococker Threaded - Dust Black
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Exalt Supreme Barrel SwabExalt Supreme Barrel Swab
EXALT Exalt Supreme Barrel Swab
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Shown here is the cylinder hard shell case for the XL inserts, and the eight different inserts that come with the full kit.A photo of the eight stainless steel inserts by themselves.
The Freak XL bore master kit. Comes with color coded aluminum inserts in a hard shell carrying caseThe 8 different bore sizes that the Boremaster kit offers. The sizes are (from top to bottom); .692, .690, .688, .686, .684, .682, .680, and .678.