A photo of Dufort holding all three colors of the JT Revolution Loader

The JT Revolution Paintball Hopper is back after many many years! Back when it was called the Viewloader Revolution, this was one of the first known electronic paintball loaders to ever hit the market. Of course, with years between these two releases comes updates and better features. Let's go over the features and updates with this awesome re-release!

When it comes to entry level electronic paintball loaders, the JT Revolution shines. 180 round capacity, feed rate up to 12 bps, easy on/off switch, runs off of two 9-volt batteries, and is very affordable at $49.95. If you're worried about the battery door coming loose, have no fear. The battery door slides out, batteries go inside and are pressed against springs, and then the door slides into its slot, locking the batteries in place. This particular paintball loader is for someone that's looking to upgrade their gravity fed hopper, or for the old school-paintball enthusiast. 

Some of the updates to the JT Revolution are going to include a more durable shell, and a much less fragile lid. The shell has some 'give' to it, which means it's not going to break or snap like standard plastic. Instead, you can squeeze down on the shell and feel it bend a little, so a paintball hitting your Revolution loader isn't going to shatter it. The lid also received an upgrade, being able to withstand some punishment and not snap off. The old lids were much less reliable and would snap off at the top of the loader easily. Luckily, this isn't an issue anymore, and the new reinforced lid can take more abuse without fail.

You can also install a universal speedfeed on the Revolution paintball hopper, but it does require some modification. The lid on these loaders are smaller than what some of these universal speed feeds can take, but you can use electrical tape to secure a speedfeed onto the lid.

Overall, the JT Revolution Paintball hopper is arguably the best entry level electronic loader at an exceptionally great price point. This hopper paired with a mechanical paintball marker or entry level paintball gun means you can ditch the gravity fed hopper and not have to worry about dry firing or chopping a ball. This loader comes in three colors; black, olive, and smoke and are available HERE.

If you don't take our word for it, check out what Dufort has to say about the new JT Revolution!


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