HK Army Mist Pod Swab

Color: Red


Cleaning out pods has always been a hassle. Whether it's broken paint, dirt, debris or mud, it's always been a pain. That's where the HK Army Mist Pod Swab comes into play. Featuring a built in spray bottle in the handle, cleaning pods has never been easier. Spray some water into the pod, then insert the microfiber end in and rotate to clear out any mess! The spray nozzle is also great for cleaning off your goggle lens, or to keep you cool on hot days. The Mist Pod Swab also includes a carabiner so you can hang it from your gearbag or backpack.

  • Removable Microfiber Swab - easy to clean!
  • Built-In Spray Bottle w/ Spray Nozzle
  • Tough and Durable
  • Carabiner - hang this pod swab off of your backpack or gearbag!

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