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Shown here is the cylinder hard shell case for the XL inserts, and the eight different inserts that come with the full kit.A photo of the eight stainless steel inserts by themselves.
The Freak XL bore master kit. Comes with color coded aluminum inserts in a hard shell carrying caseThe 8 different bore sizes that the Boremaster kit offers. The sizes are (from top to bottom); .692, .690, .688, .686, .684, .682, .680, and .678.
From left to right; the Freak JR hard case, three inserts, and the barrel front and barrel back. The case is a cylinder shape for easy storage and has a hard shell for protection. This kit comes with three inserts, .691, .689, and .687. Lastly on the right hand side are the barrel front and barrel back. The barrel front has spiral porting and when threaded into the back, totals 14 inches in length.This photo shows the three-piece Freak JR barrel system assembled with the back, red .687 insert, and barrel front with spiral porting.
The black Freak Boremaster case shown along side the eight inserts. The case is in a cylinder shape to easily fit and store in your garbage. The eight different inserts are shown here and are color coded as well as labeled with their different bore sizes.This is a photo with all eight inserts. They are shown next to each other from their smallest bore size, to their largest bore size.
Freak XL V2 Barrel Back - Autococker Threads
Freak XL V2 Barrel Tip - Straight Porting
GOG Freak XL ACP Front - 14in - Dust BlackGOG Freak XL ACP Front - 14in
GOG Freak XL ACP Front - 16inGOG Freak XL ACP Front - 16in