H2K Tank Tool

Color: Black



The ultimate air tank multi-tool is here in the form of the H2K Tank Tool! Designed by legendary paintball player Carl Markowski, this simple item is ideal for any player of any caliber. The Tank Tool allows you to bleed out air from your air system, store a burst disk and o-rings, acts as a regulator remover, and as a burst disk wrench if a burst disk blows out. Simply put, this tool is everything you need for swapping air tank regulators, releasing air that’s inside of your tank so you don’t damage your expensive paintball equipment, or removing your air tank’s regulator for travel.


  • To drain pressure from your air system, simple thread your air tank to the tank pressure release slot until it engages and begins leaking out air. To confirm that there’s no more pressure in your air system, give the tank pin a press with your finger and it should press in with zero air coming out.

  • To remove your air system’s regulator, insert the fill nipple into the fill nipple reg removal slot, and rotate by hand. This tool is meant to be used by hand only, no need for extra tools or applying extra force.

  • Slowly unscrew your air tank regulator by rotating it counter-clockwise.

Instructions and Disclaimer:

The Tank Tool is not a toy. Please advise prior to use that all air should be vented from your air tank and zero psi should remain into tank prior to removal of any air tank regulator. Use at your own risk and follow all instructions for proper use. Always wear proper eye protection and hand protection when using the Tank Tool to prevent injury. Never apply force with any object or strike the Tank Tool with any object to attempt to remove your regulator.

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