Exalt Supreme Barrel Swab

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Color: Magma
$13.95 $14.95


The newest spin on the finest paintball squeegee ever made. Some players just wanted a double dose of that ultra-absorbent, polishing Barrel Buffer, so we delivered. Modular, serviceable, replaceable, customizable and most importantly nearly unbreakable. Ultra-strong, bendable polymer shafts are shatter resistant and wrapped with absorbent, natural sheepskin that cleans and polishes better than any other squeegee.
  • Both sides wrapped with natural sheepskin absorbs paint and polished barrel bore for a perfect clean the first time.
  • Ultra-strong polymer shaft design is nearly unbreakable
  • Modular design allows you to customize color and configuration if you want a dual swabs or dual rocket-disks just pull and replace as you like!

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