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The holidays are fast approaching, and getting gifts for the paintball player in your life can be difficult. Thankfully there are a ton of different pieces of gear that every paintball player needs, or simply wants as it makes everything much more simple and convenient. With that said, let's show off some amazing paintball gift ideas!

Protective Cases

First up are protective cases. A simple explanation is that these are hard shell cases that protect specific pieces of equipment, and they're always welcomed in a paintball players gearbag. Paintball marker cases, air tank cases, goggle cases are all available in different brands, sizes, and colors. You can check out all our collection of protective cases here!

Microfiber Goodies

This little bit is all about microfiber cloths, bags, and pod swabs. For us paintball players, we NEED microfiber cloths to clean off hits, old lubricant, outside of our markers, etc. Microfibers come in different styles, sizes, brands, and prices, and if you're looking to check out microfiber cloths, you can do so here. As for other microfiber items, Exalt paintball has released a microfiber bag that fills multiple roles from cleaning off paintballs, to keeping dirty gear inside of it. Last on this list are pod swabs. Sadly, we can't help it if a paintball cracks or breaks inside of a pod, but pod swabs make cleaning the inside of them incredibly easy. The HK Army Mist Pod Swab is fantastic for this since it comes with a little spray bottle that's built into the handle.

Barrel Swabs

This is another piece of gear that is absolutely needed since it helps paintball players on and off the field. If there's a barrel break while shooting, or simply for cleaning after a day of play, barrel swabs or squeegees is another awesome gift idea. Both Exalt and HK Army make some great swabs, and they come in many different styles. Check all of them out here.

Tank Accessories

Air tanks themselves aren't perfect when it comes to grip, protection, or style, but there some extras you can pick up to give that air system some flair. The first thing that comes to mind are HK Army's Hardline Tank covers. Being able to fit up to an 80ci bottle, these full tank covers protect, give extra grip, and have a ton of different designs to choose from. Other accessories include tank tape (Infamous and HK Army make these), thread protectors, fill nipple covers, and other tank covers.

Miscellaneous Goods

Other amazing gifts ideas are going to include tech mats, headgear, soft goods (like t-shirts), or even a gift card. All of these little items add up to make everything easier and more accessible for the paintball player in your life. As for headgear, the benefit of having a headband or head wrap is that they keep sweat and moisture from getting into your eyes. The built-in terry cloth helps keep your head cool and offers some protection from impact. HK Army makes some of the best ones available and currently have over 100 designs to choose from.

Closing Remarks

All of these things are just scratching the surface of what you can possibly get for the paintball enthusiast. Because of this, we've created a couple of bundles that cover a majority of these possible gift ideas. One is for HK Army and the other is for Exalt Paintball, and they are loaded with goodies. If worst comes to worst, there's always the option of a gift card! The gift card can be purchased physically in one of our retail locations, or you can have an e-gift card emailed to you or to the person of your choosing. Lastly, we have created a dedicated collection for these holiday gift ideas and it contains even more of those amazing items! Check out our holiday collection right HERE.

We hope everyone has an amazing holiday season that's full of holiday cheer, friends, family, and of course, paintball!

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