The title image of the blog. Infamous Pro DNA Reflex Sport Harness review.

Infamous / Pro DNA creates phenomenal product that is by the player, for the player. With the release of the brand new Reflex Sport Harness, this begs the question: Is this the best paintball pod pack available?

The first thing is to address are the similarities between the Infamous Reflex Harness, and the Infamous Reflex Sport Harness. There are a few awesome features that are carried over from the older paintball pod harness to the new one. Both of these harnesses carry up to 11 pods, are strapless, have an anti-slip back pad, secure via 6 elastic straps, and have zero bounce when they are fully loaded. (I believe I do say that the Reflex Harness had only 4 elastic straps in the video above, and I stand corrected.)

Keeping the features of the old Reflex Harness, the Reflex Sport Harness comes in hot with one major change; compression sleeves. With the 4 main pod sleeves in the center of this paintball pod pack, each time you take a pod out, the sleeve will compress to give you a minimal profile to be shot at. Taking away the standard pod carriers means more bounces as well, as the harder material isn't there anymore. This feature is perfect for the aggressive front guys out there, or for the back players when they're getting pinched out. Loading up the pods into those sleeves is super simple too. Each of the main pod sleeves have a little pull tab, making it way easier to load a pod into them.

Reflex Harness on top, Reflex Sport Harness on bottom. Showing that the main pod sleeves compress.

Overall, this pod harness is the real deal. Keeping all of the player favorite features of the previous Reflex Harness gives a huge level of familiarity going from one to the other. The comfort level of this pod pack is amazing, it almost feels like a second skin and you can forget that you still have it on after all of the pods are taken out. A cool little feature that was brought back is the velcro sections. If you like showing off your patches, you can still do so and have more room for them. 

Don't sleep on the Infamous Reflex Sport Harness. If you're looking to pick one up, you can check them out right HERE.

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