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The Shocker paintball marker has been around for over 20 years, and has gone through multiple generations. From the 'shoebox' Shocker, to the NXT, and now the brand new Shocker ERA, the legacy continues and just keeps growing. But what sets the Shocker ERA from the rest of its family? What's new about the ERA over the Shocker AMP? Let's go over it, and talk about how the ERA shoots!

What's changed from the AMP to the ERA?

Quite a bit actually! Generally with a longer list of changes, I like to start with the barrel and work towards the back of the paintball gun itself, so let's start with that.

Barrel - The Shocker ERA uses the newer V2 Freak XL barrel. With 15 inch total length and sporting smaller porting, this barrel keeps your shots accurate, prevents moisture from entering the barrel, and provides quieter shot signature. The AMP utilized the Freak XL barrel too, but it was the older style and totaled 14 inch in length. 

Ergonomics - The Shocker ERA feels extremely good in the hands. With the front grip beefed up and the rear grip having a stippled texture, this marker will not slip in your hands while you play. The AMP felt good in the hands, but the front grip was just too small for most players. Even though it's not a massive change, Shocker Paintball listened and delivered with these new ergonomics.

Trigger - Another awesome update, the trigger on the ERA feels more loose than the AMP. One other thing that was improved on was the microswitch on the board, right behind the trigger. A wall was placed behind it to prevent the microswitch from breaking due to improper adjustment. The shape of the trigger has been updated to a newer 'deuce' style over the traditional scythe shape.

Bolt System - Ultimately, the operating pressure of the AMP and the ERA are the same, at 110psi. The bolt system has received some updates to help with brittle paint handling. The bolt on the ERA is slightly longer with air-flow skirts to help with the forward motion of the bolt. There is also a post on the bolt guide to set the paintball in front of the bolt, rather than let it roll freely in the breech. These two features combine together to create flawless paint handling with smaller sized paint, or paint that may have micro-cracks in the shell. 

Air flow plugs - These are two parts that you don't see on the ERA, but rather inside of it. With free floating, stainless steel plugs, if something comes a little loose or tweaks slightly, you won't need to worry about your paintball marker leaking while you play. Located in the ASA (air source adapter) to the frame, and from the frame to the body, these plugs use a tougher, thicker o-ring to ensure a proper air seal. The AMP utilized loctite on a post that was screwed into the frame, but with any kind of tweak or loose threading, the AMP would leak air.

That's pretty sweet. But how does it shoot?

With zero difference in the operating pressure from the AMP to the ERA, the longer bolt stroke and bolt guide post do make a pretty large difference in how the ERA feels when it shoots. The shot quality of the ERA feels incredibly smooth right out of the box, and velocity is super consistent due to the prevention of ball rollback. The efficiency remains unchanged, but you should be able to get 12 pods and a full loader from a 77ci air tank. 

Closing Remarks

I think it needs to be said that you have give credit where credit is due. Shocker Paintball listened to the feedback of their players, and researched their warranty repair system to figure out what the major issues were. Once they isolated those issues, they began to implement these changes into the ERA and knocked it out of the park. When a company listens to its players and customers, and makes changes accordingly, it really shows you that they care about their product and the reputation that it leaves behind. I truly think that this is a massive step forward for Shocker Paintball, and that these paintball guns can rival other brands in term of reliability. I can safely say that the ERA has exceeded my expectations for a mid-priced, tournament ready paintball marker, and I can't wait to see what's next for Shocker Paintball. 

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