An image of the Luxe IDOL that says First Look at the DLX Luxe IDOL.

DLX Luxe IDOL - Product Review

First LookSamuel Severson
A title image that reads SHOCKER ERA.

First Look - Shocker ERA

First LookSamuel Severson
The title image of the blog. Infamous Pro DNA Reflex Sport Harness review.

Infamous Pro DNA Reflex Sport Harness - Review

Pod PacksSamuel Severson
The title image for the blog post and YouTube video on the Empire Axe 2.0 FAQ's

Empire Axe 2.0 - Your Questions Answered!

Paintball FAQSamuel Severson
A photo of Dufort holding all three colors of the JT Revolution Loader

JT Revolution Paintball Hopper Review

Paintball HopperSamuel Severson
A photo of the Planet Eclipse GTek 170r and the GTek 180r.

GTek 170R vs GTek 180R - What's New?

Paintball GunSamuel Severson
The Field One AW Gear Backpack. The backpack is all black with the Field One logo in grey on the side panel.

Field One AW Gear Backpack Review

Field OneSamuel Severson