Paintball Pod Pack Shopping Guide

Pod packs are an essential piece of gear for any and all paintball players in the world. It doesn't matter if you play every other month, or every weekend, pod packs are necessary for keeping you in the game. But what should you look for when shopping around for a pod pack? How many pods should I carry with me during a game? Should I get a strapped or strapless pod pack? This article is going to help you answer those questions to get you the best paintball pod pack that's going to fulfill your needs.

How many pods should I carry with me on the field?

This can be a tough question to answer since pod packs come with different capacities. From carrying two pods in a basic harness (like the Tippmann Sport Harness), going all the way up to holding 13 pods with a much more advanced pod pack (such as the CRBN SC Harness), it really comes down to how much paint you shoot during a game. Finding the best paintball pod harness to fill this need completely depends on you. It's also a key point to mention that it's better to go out and play with too much paint versus not having enough, you can always use what's left in your next match! So if you typically shoot 4 pods worth of paint in a match, it wouldn't hurt to have a pod harness that can carry up to 6 pods or more.

Strapped or strapless pod pack? What should I get?

The major difference between strapped paintball pod packs and strapless pod packs is simple. Strapped pod packs secure your pods in place using velcro or magnetic straps to hold them in place (the JT FX Harness is a perfect example), whereas strapless packs utilize tension or elastic pouches to keep your pods from moving around (Bunker Kings Fly Harness is the go-to). Strapped paintball pod harnesses keep those pods more secured, but you have to undo a strap to get the pod out and that can take a little extra time, or is noisy while undoing the strap. Strapless packs are great since you don't need to worry about those pesky straps, but if you take a dive, slide, or hard fall, sometimes those pods can burst open and you can lose some paintballs. Ultimately, if you don't slide or dive a lot, strapless packs are the way to go. But if you do like sliding or diving, then strapped pod packs would be the best option.

Are there different sizes? What if it doesn't fit around my waist?

Pod belts mostly come in a 'one size fits most,' and there are extenders just in case they're a little too tight. Some companies do make paintball pod holders in certain sizes, so just like shopping around for pants or shorts the best thing to do is to try the pod packs on yourself! Most paintball pod belts have multiple elastic straps so you can firmly secure it to your body, and to ensure that they don't wiggle or move while you're playing.

Are paintball pod packs comfortable?

The simple answer is yes! Most paintball pod belts come with some kind of cushioning for your lower back. Traditionally, pod harnesses fit tight with 2 to 4 elastic bands to keep them snug while you play. A combination of a tight fit and cushioning helps to prevent any lower back pain you may experience while playing.

What about pricing? How much do paintball pod harnesses cost?

There's a pretty big price range when it comes to paintball pod belts. Cheaper, more basic pod packs can start as low as $12, but the more advanced paintball harnesses can easily get to $100 or more. More affordable options would be something like the Empire Omega Harness, which holds 4 pods in total, and utilizes only two elastic straps to secure it on your body. But the more expensive paintball pod packs tend to be the most comfortable, the best fitting, and strapless like the Infamous Pro DNA Reflex Harness.

In conclusion, there a lot of factors to take in when making a decision on which pod pack to purchase. Pod capacity, comfort, price range, and play style can affect what you're looking for in a paintball pod harness. So if you are still on the fence on whether or not to invest in a harness, take the leap, you won't be sorry!

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