The Best Beginner Paintball Setups for $250 - 2023

Imagine this; you've gone out and played paintball for the first time and had an absolute blast. Now you want to get into paintball and pick up your own equipment to start playing! Luckily, you don't need to break the bank to acquire your very first setup. Each of these paintball setups consists of a paintball gun, air tank, hopper for loader, and a paintball goggle system. Here are three amazing beginner paintball setups that we at have handpicked if you're looking to get into the sport!

First Setup: The Classic

This setup gets the moniker 'classic' because of its classic feel and reliability. Tippmann has been around for over two decades, creating some of the most reliable and indestructible paintball guns ever. The Tippmann Stormer paintball marker is one of the best paintball guns to start with because of these traits, and it also does not require a ton of maintenance. To fuel the Stormer, we selected the HK Army 48ci/3000psi air tank. At an affordable price, this HPA tank is the perfect fit for the Tippmann Stormer. For feeding paintballs into this setup, we're going with the HK Army GFX paintball hopper. This gravity fed loader is unique in its design, having a visible split in the middle of the loader. This prevents paintballs from bunching up where they drop into the paintball gun, allowing you to consistently fire. Lastly for this awesome beginner setup, HK Army HSTL goggles. With a thermal lens already installed (thermal lenses prevent fogging), two straps for a secure fit, affordable price, and great breathability, these are the best paintball goggles for anyone looking to get into paintball.

Second Setup: Lightweight and Compact

This second setup is a bit smaller and flashier than the first setup, but ultimately operates and performs the same. The HK Army SABR is a fantastic paintball gun to start with, has a thinner rear and front grip, and comes in a variety of different colors. The paintball air system picked for this marker is going to be the HK Army 48ci air tank again! This tank is simply the best air system for the price, and comes in a few different colors too. The paintball loader that was selected for this setup is the Empire Splitter hopper. Slightly cheaper than the GFX, the Splitter hopper has a piece inside that helps split the paintballs up so they don't clog up and prevent paintballs from going into your gun. For eye protection, the HK Army HSTL again! It's simply the best beginner paintball goggle system.

Third Setup: Tactical

For this third setup, we're going for a more tactical look. The Tippmann Cronus Tactical is the paintball gun of choice, and comes with an adjustable stock, carry handle, fore grip, and a mock suppressor. The Cronus also operates exactly like the Stormer, and boasts that  The air tank of choice is...well you guessed it! The HK Army 48ci/3000psi air tank (it's seriously the best air system for the price, that's why it made it to three whole setups!). The paintball hopper to pair with the Cronus Tactical is going to be the HK Army GFX loader again. Holding a true 200 rounds and having that wide mouth to load paint into is great for when you get in those crucial engagements. As for the paintball mask, we picked out the Empire Helix goggles. Boasting extremely similar features to the HK Army HSTL goggles, the Helix comes in at a slightly cheaper price, but lacks the vertical strap that the HSTL has. It does come with a thermal lens though, so you won't need to worry about your goggles fogging up on you.

Closing Remarks

One thing that all of these setups provide are goggles that have a thermal lens, and a solid air (or HPA) system. The reasoning behind this is so that when you take your setup to your local paintball field, you'll have an awesome set of goggles to protect your eyes and face, and paintball fields typically fill up air tanks, not CO2. 

Overall, these three setups total out to under $250 each (at the time of this blog), before tax. Each of these setups are perfect for the new paintball player, they're super affordable, and have everything you'll need to start playing!

You can check out all of the items used in these setups using the links below!


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