Catching up with Dynasty episode #1 with Yosh Rau of San Diego Dynasty

Catching up with Dynasty episode #1 with Yosh Rau of San Diego Dynasty

San Diego Dynasty needs no introduction. With over 60 professional tournament wins, over 20 years in the professional division across multiple formats and some of the best players in the game, members of Dynasty have made sure that everyone knows their name. This year and Dynasty have partnered together for the 2023 season and are excited to bring you a bit of a behind the scenes look at the most winningest professional paintball team in paintball history, San Diego Dynasty. For episode one of Catching Up With Dynasty we were able to chat with Yosh Rau about the Dynasty Champions Club, the off season moves and changes, the first Dynasty practice of the season, how players are picked up, the future of new products such as a tool less Field Once Force and the next version of a G6R.

So, what is the Dynasty Champions club? The short answer is the Champs Club is a new way for fans of the team to interact with and support their favorite players such as Ryan Greenspan, Alex Fraige, Yosh Rau, even Oliver Lang and as an added benefit members receive a monthly gift from Dynasty. This gift changes every month and can range from custom Dynasty jerseys with your name and number, to casual Dynasty gear such as personalized jackets and shirts. This subscription-based service renews each quarter, members are given special access to a private group to connect with Dynasty players, other champion club members, and even get special access to what would have previously been considered team exclusive information like team intel sessions. Team Dynasty was founded with the idea of accessibility and support for other players, this idea has translated to the Dynasty Champs Club allowing further access to the team and products that were designed for the team to be shared with the members of the club! In addition to all of these fantastic perks, the DCC also does quarterly giveaways that include some pretty incredible experiences such as a full set-up of sponsored gear, a 1 of 1 custom Field One Force and a trip to go to the Field One Factory to assemble your Signature Series Force, a trip to a Dynasty practice as a team member for the weekend, and even an all-expense paid trip to the NXL World Cup to spend the event with the team. While spots in the Champions club are limited, you can sign up for the Dynasty Paintball Club which acts as a waiting list for people who are interested in signing up, each quarter it is possible that spots will open, when they do the Paintball Club has first chance at getting a spot in the Champs club.

The off season is Yosh’s least favorite part of paintball, during this time peoples focus shifts from being fully committed to winning tournaments to keeping the band of friends together. Going into the 2023 season Kyle Spicka and Dalton Vanderbyl left San Diego Dynasty. While this is a double-edged sword as it’s sad to see friends leave, it gives the opportunity to mature as a team and give others a chance to show their skills. This off season has had a wide variety of shake ups from players leaving Dynasty after the 2022 World Cup to format changes from the NXL that will affect the entire paintball community. For the 2023 NXL season, layouts will now be released on the Wednesday a week before events, giving teams 1 weekend to practice the layout. Having 2 weeks to practice the layout as they have in previous seasons can give players a chance to really learn and perfect how they are going to play that layout which brings a more professional feel to the sport. Now with the National Xball League only allowing 1 weekend before events to practice the layout, this may give well-funded teams a better chance to perform better than others since their players may make a salary rather than working a Monday through Friday job so they can focus on perfecting how they will play the layout.

While team Dynasty practices at a variety of paintball fields, this year the first practice was held at ASG in Southern California with Aftermath, NYX (New York Xtreme), and Ironmen. While the Ironmen 2023 roster is still being decided, this practice with other high-level teams was a great competitive way to start the season. This was the first time that San Diego Dynasty’s newest pickup, Chris Schehr had a chance to play with the rest of the team, except for a few members who were unable to make it. Chris had been on Dynasty’s radar for a few seasons, and with the departure of Kyle and Dalton, he was someone the team wanted to take a serious look at. After this practice Yosh has high hopes for Chris as he has demonstrated his ability to slow play when needed but has previously demonstrated that he can cannonball down the field when needed, he will be a great addition to San Diego Dynasty! So how does someone join a professional paintball team like Dynasty? Since most of the top teams do not hold tryouts, to get on their radar you have to stand out on the field, whether that is as an opposing player who causes problems for the team, or just someone that they have observed being a standout player who makes a difference with other teams.

New Field One Paintball products are always in production, but are we going to see a new Tool Less Field One Force or the Field One G7R soon? While there is a level of secrecy surrounding all new products, Field One has a unique way of launching products that is quite a bit more open than most paintball companies out there. When the new Field One Force was released, San Diego Dynasty field tested it for about 9 months prior to its release. This extensive testing process ensures that when the product is in production, it has endured some of the toughest conditions possible, so in turn, while a tool-less Field One Force or the next version of an Intimidator, like a G7R may be in the pipeline, unless you see it being used on a pro field, it is not likely to be coming soon. While a replacement for the ever-popular Bob Long G6R has been in the works for years, Yosh and everyone at Field One want to make sure that long time Intimidator fans are not disappointed when the G7R is released.

We would like to thank Yosh Rau of San Diego Dynasty for taking the time to sit down with us for the very first episode of Catching up with Dynasty! Please be sure to head on over to the YouTube, Like, subscribe, and turn on those notifications so you don’t miss any of the future episodes as we sit down with other members of the team!

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