Dynasty breakout 2022 NXL World Cup

Over the years some of the best players to ever play paintball have contributed to the success of San Diego Dynasty and although some went on to make big names for themselves on other teams, some stuck with the team and have shown that they have what it takes to step on the field representing the most legendary Professional Paintball team to ever play game! We all know the main guys on the team who are  also the owners of San Diego Dynasty: Alex Fraige, Ryan Greenspan, Yosh Rau, Marcello Margott, and Blake Yarber, but lets also dive into who else is currently playing with Dynasty and go into a bit of detail on the best paintball players in the game! 


#7 Alex "Fresh Eggs" Fraige:

Alex is a true one of a kind, on the field he is a fierce competitor who will get the job done while having a great time playing with his friends. Off the field he is one of the nicest people around with a fantastic sense of humor that is sure to entertain! Mare Island Paintball is where Alex got his start playing, the same legendary field that groomed many other phenomenal players and teams including one of his best friends, Oliver Lang. Over the years this friendship has turned into so much more, even though they live in different parts of the world now, the two own and operate Hormesis Paintball, which produces high quality headbands and other great products! His leadership and decision making earned Alex the tittle of team captain, some of those critical decisions are exactly what has made him one of the best in the game!

  • What is Hormesis Paintball?

Hormesis paintball is a headband and accessory company owned and operated by Alex Fraige and Oliver Lang of San Diego Dynasty. Hormesis produces high quality, limited quantity products that have built a community based off positivity and lifting each other up. A common question is, Why are Hormesis Headbands so expensive? All Hormesis headbands are hand made in Bali with all natural dyes, every band is unique, this coupled with the experience of landing a drop and what they stand for have made them very desirable and valuable.


#18 Ryan Greenspan:

Ryan is easily one of the most recognized players in the game, he was one of the founding members of team Dynasty and has been there for all the highs and lows! Ryan started playing paintball initially with Yosh Rau when they were growing up in Sebastopol California and went pro in 2001 when Dynasty was formed. His professional paintball career is nothing less than unbelievable, from having the opportunity to travel all around the world playing the sport he loves to winning a car and numerous series championships. Over the years Ryan has held countless clinics, worked with multiple teams, and has had a major role in the development of future professional players and even some current pro players. 

  • When did Ryan Greenspan go Pro in paintball? 

Ryan Greenspan went professional in paintball in 2001 when San Diego Dynasty was formed. Ryan has spent his entire professional career playing with team Dynasty with occasional guesting on teams in other countries or in various different formats. 

  • Is Ryan Greenspan the best paintball player?

Ryan Greenspan is a huge amount of peoples favorite paintball player and he has remained at the top of his game for a very long time, earning multiple MVP awards and countless wins making him one of the best paintball players around!


#32 Yosh Rau:

On the field Yosh is one of the strongest back players around. His off the break shooting, dominance, and snap shooting is nothing short of amazing, he is absolutely someone that you want to have on your side of the field! Off the field Yosh is one of the most genuine and friendly people you will ever meet, he is always happy to be around the sport he loves. When he was 15 Yosh started working in a paintball store as a tech to be able to play paintball, later he became an archery tech, and now oversees assembly / production / and repairs at Field One.

  • Does Yosh Rau own Field One Paintball?

Field One Paintball is owned and operated by Yosh Rau, Alex Fraige, Eric Crandall, and Ryan Greenspan.


#33 Marcello Margott:

Marcello has one of the best stories when it comes to how he was brought up in the sport. Initially his dad was adamantly against him purchasing a marker and getting involved in the sport, when he ended up with one his dad was not happy but spent time researching the sport and decided to take Marcello out to a field and give it a shot. Once they went to the field his dad decided to join along for the fun and it became a great experience that led to the two of them getting closer and having a much stronger relationship. At 11 Marcello started playing tournament paintball, 4 years later he was picked up by the Ironmen which was his first pro spot, at 18 he had won 2 world championships. In addition to teaching clinics, Marcello has also written a book called Paintball IQ, which breaks down the more mental side of the game. In 2021 Marcello was added as a team owner of Dynasty after years of commitment to the team! When not on the field or teaching clinics Marcello hosts a podcast with former Dynasty member, Tyler Harmon called the Play The Game podcast.


  • What is the Play The Game Podcast about?

Play The Game, or PTG is a podcast hosted by professional paintball players Marcello Margott of San Diego Dynasty and Tyler Harmon of Houston Heat, typically the two discuss various topics involving the sport of paintball and commonly have guests on to discuss particular topics.


#44 Blake Yarber:

Blake is a true outdoorsman, he fills his time being outside venturing around any chance he can get! Typically playing on the dorito side of the field, Blake has greatly contributed to the success of the team over the years, he was even chosen as the offensive player of the year in 2021. When not on the field or in the woods, Blake is the owner and operator of Brute. in 2019 Blake was also added as a team owner of San Diego Dynasty along with Marcello Margott. 


  •  What is Brute?

Brute produces essentials for all of life's adventures including lip balm and sunscreen which use all natural ingredients and no chemicals. Brute is owned and operated by Blake and Laura Yarber, all of their products are made in the United States of America.


#13 Arturo Andrade:

Arturo joined Dynasty in 2018 and has since been a fierce competitor anywhere on the field, his snap shooting is nothing short of terrifying to be up against. Usually Arturo favors the snake side of the field and is able to be an absolute force to be reckoned with, he is regarded as one of the top players to come from Mexico. When not playing in the NXL, Arturo is the president of the MXL in Mexico and has cultivated a fantastic environment for tournament paintball there. 


  • What is the MXL?

The MXL or Mexican Xball League is a paintball tournament series held in Mexico, it is operated by Arturo Andrade of San Diego Dynasty. The MXL hosts tournaments through the year and have multiple divisions that can be entered depending on skill level.


#79 Michael Urena:

In 2020 Mike was picked up by Dynasty after playing for DMG and previously Elevation in the professional division, his skill set has absolutely exploded since joining the Dragon, making him a serious threat on the field. Since joining the team Mike has contributed to 3 World Cup / Series title wins and 3 other major event wins. When not playing in the NXL, Mike helps coaching teams in other tournament series including the WCPPL and playing mechanical events such as the ICPL. 


  • When did Michael Urena become a professional paintball player? 

in 2018 Mike Urena started playing professional paintball with Scottsdale Elevation, in 2019 he joined Sacramento DMG, and then in 2020 he joined San Diego Dynasty! 


#11 Archie Montemayor:

Known for being one of the core members of San Antonio X-Factor, in 2022 Archie joined Dynasty for the second time in his career and has been a key player in the success of the team, helping them win World Cup 2022, the series title, and 2 other major events along with being awarded the overall MVP for the Mid Atlantic  Major. Archie, with former teammate and coach Ryan Brand operate Project Paintball together. 


  • What is Project Paintball?

Project develops custom made, limited edition, high quality products that stand out from the crowd. Product drops from Project pb sell out very quickly due to the low quantities produced, while their products range from barrel covers to high end private label paintball markers, you can count on anything Project produces to be pro quality and look absolutely fantastic! 


#22 Damian Vazquez:

Damian has a fun loving attitude that helps him fit in perfectly with the rest of the team, this coupled with his skill and adaptability has earned him his spot with the Dragon in 2021. Similar to Mike Urena, after joining the team Damian's skills on the field have grown substantially and have made him a stand out player in the short time that he has been with Dynasty. Since joining, Damian has helped the team with 3 major event wins and 2 World Cup and series wins.


#10 Chris Schehr:

2023 will be the first year that Chris will be playing with Dynasty, formerly he played with Revo, Boom, and Ironmen. He is most known for his remarkable timing, incredible snap shot, and being a clutch D-side player. Everyone is eager to see how well he does with Dynasty and to see how many wins they can amass together! Off the field Chris is a Lawyer with his own law firm focusing on personal injury, criminal defense, and immigration law.


#8 Harrison Frye:

Team Dynasty's latest pickup, Harrison Frye has helped teams all around the world make the podium, most recently playing with Infamous in mechanical tournaments he has contributed to 4 1st place wins, and in the NXL he has been a stand out player over the years. Harrison formerly played for Infamous, Seattle Thunder, and New York Xtreme in the professional division of the NXL. Harrisons software company allows him the ability to travel the world learning new skills and experiencing new adventures, all while still working!


#2 Oliver Lang:

Regarded as one of the greatest players of all time, Oliver made a career in paintball by being a dominant player with unmatched skill or timing for both Ironmen and Dynasty. Over the years Oliver has taken multiple hiatuses, spending a substantial amount of time traveling when he is not in Bali, where he currently resides. In 2022 Oliver made a comeback after about 5 years away from the sport, playing and winning World cup, while at this point it is not clear if he will be returning or not, his affects are always felt on the team. We are confident that we are not the only ones that hope to see him continue playing with the friends that he built this legendary team with over 20 years ago!


Coach Kevin "SK" Bredthauer:

Over the years SK has coached Dynasty multiple times and has absolutely had a major impact on the success of the team each time, before transitioning to a coach, he even played on the team!  His style of coaching works very well with the Dynasty players and his efforts at practice, with scouting, and calling practice are sure to help lead them back to the podium again this year. 


Assistant Coach Victor Gamboa:

If you ask any true professional from any sport, industry, or business, they will tell you that preparation and support are some of the biggest keys to success, and in Dynasty's case, Victor is who provides a substantial amount of that support and preparation. In the pits Victor helps to oversee and ensure that players have what they need, that they get fresh paint, and works with SK  to ensure the players can all walk back on the field confident that they are ready for whatever happens. 


Team Manager Eric Crandall:

Have you ever wondered "what does it take to keep a Professional paintball team running?" Well having someone like Eric handling all the behind the scenes work is a huge part of that! Flights, hotels, general organization, and full team management is what Eric currently does for the team, but he has done so much more over the years, and he even played a major role in starting the team! At his field, Mare Island Paintball, Ryan and Yosh would play against Alex and Oliver, Eric is who introduced them all together after seeing them play and got them to play together for a tournament, afterwards they had worked out the differences that they had and obviously went on to create team Dynasty in 2001, and Eric has been managing the team ever since! 


With a line up like this one, Dynasty is going to come out swinging this year, everyone on the team is hungry to add to the accolades that the team has earned over the years. Dynasty has over 50 tournament wins under its belt already, but naturally everyone on the team is eager to prove that they have what it takes to raise that number even higher. We cant wait to see what this season holds when the games start, especially after the dominant showing that San Diego Dynasty had in 2022.

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