Dynasty Picks up Dorito side attacker Chris Schehr!

Chris Schehr as been a thorn in the side to every pro team that he has matched up against over the last few years, his impeccable snap shooting helps to get him down the field unnoticed. His abilities on the field have earned him spots on some of the top teams in the game including Ironmen, Boom, NRG Elite, Revo, and now Dynasty! While playing against Revo in the recent past, Chis Schehr on the dorito side was a very big problem for Dynasty who has high hopes that he will prove a challenge for anyone that ends up against him on the other side of the field!

Away from the field, Chris is a Lawyer who owns and operates his own firm specializing in personal injury, criminal defense, and immigration law.

Dynasty has been at the top of the game for the last few years, winning 3 out of 5 major events in 2022 and NXL series championships for 2020, 2021, and 2022! Going into the 2023 season multiple players that contributed to the success of the team left including Dalton Vanderbyl who was awarded multiple MVP awards while with the team, most recently at NXL World Cup 2022. Dalton leaving will give Chis Schehr a substantial opportunity to shine with his new team, we know we are excited to see how this pickup effects Dynasty in the 2023 season!


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