Pictured here is the Stealth Grey Spire Five.


One of the most highly anticipated releases from NXL World Cup 2022, the Virtue Spire V (five) is finally here! Packed with new features over its previous iteration, the Spire IV (four), let's dive in to what makes these loaders a perfect choice for players of all caliber.

What are the major differences between the Spire V and the Spire IV? Luckily, we caught Chris from Virtue Paintball to have him explain these new features in detail, and showing us why the Spire V is the loader to get. The Spire V uses an accelerometer and a three eye system to feed paint consistently, meaning that once a ball passes those eyes, it tells the motor to spin and feed paint into your marker. This combination of technology makes the Spire 5 hopper more responsive in terms of feed rate, as opposed to the Spire IV that utilized the G4 sensor which would have small delays in feeding. With the eye system, there aren't any more pulses from the loader trying to feed paint, the eyes determine if the stack is full, and this allows for more power to the motor which achieves a faster feed rate. Because of this new system, there's less wear on the rubber fingers on the inside of the loader, and that leads to more reliability and longevity with the Spire V. Another feature that players are going to love is the new dual lock button on the back of the loader. This button uses a slide lock to prevent the loader from opening up on dives, hard falls, or slides. The Spire V comes with a matching speedfeed, rain lid, and an extra speedfeed finger just in case one of them breaks.

Overall, the Spire V is everything a paintball player needs. Better feed rate, higher reliability, dual lock button, speedfeed and rain lid, this loader is the premier choice for all paintball players out there! Although this loader comes with everything you need, you can utilize the Virtue N-Charge battery pack, or other speed feeds like the HK Army Evo or Bunker Kings NTR! 

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