The Field One AW Gear Backpack. The backpack is all black with the Field One logo in grey on the side panel.

Rolling gear bags like the Planet Eclipse GX2 Kit Bag can be too bulky, too heavy, too expensive, or just have too much space for your gear. While a standard duffel bag, such as this CRBN Duffle Bag, might not have enough space for your gear and can be a pain to lug around everywhere. Luckily, there’s a flawless compromise between these two options. This is where the Field One AW Gear Backpack comes into play. Field One Paintball has created the best paintball backpack at an affordable price point, and it has tons of features that separate it from all the other paintball gear bags out there.

First of all, the AW Gear Backpack is fully modular. What this means is that if you need to attach any more gear to this paintball backpack, you’re able to! Unlike standard duffel bags and paintball gear bags where once you utilize all of the space available to you, there’s no more room to place any more gear or other items inside or outside. The top and bottom panel of the AW Gear Backpack features laser cut ‘MOLLE,’ and allows for more gear to be secured on the outside just in case you fill this paintball backpack up with all of your gear. The bottom panel can also be opened up to expand the main storage area if needed. Another awesome feature of this backpack are the two buckled straps on the back. These straps can safely secure a full marker setup with ease as opposed to using a paintball marker bag. The combination of these MOLLE panels and buckled straps makes it so that when you’re done packing up, your hands are free from dragging around a rolling gearbag or holding onto a heavy duffel style paintball bag.

Kyle from Field One with the AW Gear Backpack on. Goggle system is secured to the top MOLLE panel, a full paintball marker setup is secured to the rear buckled straps and the backpack is filled with gear.

Worried about the weather affecting your gear? Nothing to worry about when you own this bag! AW stands for ‘All Weather,’ and the material provides excellent protection from rain, mud, dirt or any other kind of debris. Traditional rolling gear bags and duffel bags don’t offer this kind of protection, and tend to absorb water, get stained from dirt, mud, or paint. In addition to having great environmental protection, the AW Gear Backpack’s padded panels and pockets inside and outside offers impact protection to your gear. If you need to store any soiled or dirty gear, the bottom panel opens up and is separate from the main storage space.

An open AW Gear Backpack full of paintball equipment.

Cleaning gear bags and duffel bags can be a complete hassle, but the All Weather material makes washing off the AW Gear Backpack easy. Simply spray it down with a hose, or wipe it off with a microfiber cloth. Other gear bags tend to just get soaked from being washed, and need to take time to dry both inside and out.

The AW Gear Backpack outside and set on the ground. Completely full gearbag with goggles secured on the top MOLLE panel and a full marker setup strapped on the back.

The Field One AW Gear Backpack keeps a minimalist profile while packing maximum equipment for the paintball player or enthusiast out there. Check out our video below showing what we were able to fit into the bag!

Overall, for a budget friendly paintball gear bag under $100, the Field One AW Gear Backpack finds the ultimate compromise between traditional duffel bags and rolling paintball gear bags. It offers superb protection to your gear inside and out, and is fully modular to meet your needs as a player. This inexpensive all weather gear bag is one of the best choices for a bag regardless of your experience level!

Check out the Field One AW Gear Backpack HERE
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