Pictured here is an entry level paintball package. From left to right: HK Army HSTL goggles, Lippmann Stormer with a gravity loader, and a JT 48ci air tank.

What is a Paintball Gun Package?

While many consider their paintball gun or “marker” to be the most important purchase for someone beginning to take the game serious enough to invest money past rental equipment at the local field, a paintball gun alone is not all that is necessary to walk onto a paintball field and enjoy the game safely. A paintball player, at the very least, needs a paintball gun or marker, an air tank to supply propellant CO2 or compressed air to fire paintballs, a hopper to put on top of that paintball gun to load paintballs into, and a good, safe, paintball-approved set of goggles and a facemask. Many paintball retailers have made the shopping experience for all of these necessities easier, especially for first-time buyers on a budget, by packaging the necessary items to begin a lifetime of play into a “Paintball Gun Package” including everything needed to hit the field safely!

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