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The Empire Axe 2.0 paintball marker is a highly underrated and overlooked paintball marker. This marker is reasonably priced, has a great shot signature, good air efficiency, and is easy to maintain! Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Axe 2.0, with answers!

What type of paintball marker is the Axe 2.0?

The Empire Axe 2.0 is an electro-pneumatic paintball marker. What this means is that it's powered by a battery, and uses a solenoid to allow air to flow through the marker with each trigger pull. The Axe 2.0 uses a single 9-volt battery. The electronic board is also programmable, giving you the ability to switch firing modes.

Is the Axe 2.0 a good paintball gun for beginners?

The simple answer is yes! The Axe 2.0 is great to own and grow with. What this means is that it's a solid paintball gun to learn board programming, basic maintenance, deep cleaning, and even complete disassembly.

How fast can the Empire Axe 2.0 shoot?

Very fast. You can easily achieve fire rates of 15 to 20 balls per second with the Axe 2.0. With a fast enough loader, you could even go beyond that!

Are there upgrades available for the Axe 2.0?

Yes. The Axe 2.0 has a plethora of upgrades available for it. Triggers, the Redline board, bolts, thumbwheel screw for the feedneck, and a barrel kit to name a few. If you pick up a barrel kit, make sure it's autococker threaded.

Is the Empire Axe 2.0 tournament legal/ready?

Yes. With the programmable electronic board, you can set your Axe 2.0 to whatever firing mode is used for the event that you're playing in.

Do I use air or CO2 with the Axe 2.0?

The Axe 2.0 is an air/HPA only paintball marker. Using CO2 will break some internal parts in the gun.

Is the Axe 2.0 easy to maintain?

Very simple to maintain actually! There is a small button you can press to remove the entire bolt system from the Axe 2.0, and you simply clean off any old grease, then reapply new grease to the bolt guide, and bolt o-rings.

Does the Empire Axe 2.0 have a warranty?

Yes. Empire offers a one-year manufacturer's warranty. The manufacturer's warranty covers any kind of manufacturing defects, and can be registered on Empire's website.

Closing Remarks

Overall, the Empire Axe platform has been constantly improving over the years. Their operation is unique to the Axe platform, using an in-line poppet, and having fantastic reliability. To put it simply, these paintball guns shoot like no other! Although they are overshadowed by other paintball guns on the current market, there shouldn't be any skepticism about the Axe 2.0. These markers are reliable, affordable, efficient, and keep up with all the other equipment out there.

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