What Food Should We Take to a Paintball Park or Field?

What is the best food to bring when you are playing paintball?

While practically all major, professional paintball playing parks and field facilities will offer conveniences and concessions such as grilled hot dogs or other packaged foods, it’s never a bad idea to pack a lunch especially if eating healthy is on the agenda! After all, a paintball player enjoying a day of play will be creeping, crawling, running, jumping, diving and generally expending a great deal of energy, so powering up between games or at the lunch break with healthy food is always a good idea. Eating heavy or greasy foods such as a great big cheeseburger between games is a bad idea on a hot day however. Try to eat light but healthy items like string cheese, crackers, apples, oranges, water or sports drinks, turkey or grilled chicken or a wrap or sandwich that will fill the belly but not weigh a player down with fat, grease or other unhealthy ingredients.

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