Two players using the JT Splatmaster paintball markers, taking cover inside of a structure. Each player is wearing the proper safety equipment, which are goggles and chest protectors.

Is paintball safe for kids?

Yes: Paintball is safe for kids. Paintball is not only a fun and exciting family activity, but it’s extremely safe for people of all ages.

With a few basic pieces of equipment, a vivid imagination, and a group of friends who love to have fun, you can make paintball a special part of your recreational life. And because paintball is safe for kids, you can bring the whole family along.

The paintball industry prides itself on its commitment to the safety of its players — from young to old and from big to little — and it reinforces this commitment at every level of the sport. Trained referees and staff are standard at every professional game venue and pro-shop. And for the specialists, chemists, engineers and technicians who design, manufacture, and distribute the supplies used in the modern game of paintball, making sure paintball is safe for kids is their primary concern. Everything is tested and held to the most rigorous standards before it’s approved for retail distribution. Like the sport itself, paintball equipment is safe for kids.

Not only is paintball safe for kids, but it’s one of the few activities that’s perfect for kids. Kids all over the world have lots of things in common. They are uninhibited, endlessly creative, and full of energy.

Kids love to re-enact a conflict, whether it’s Cowboys & Indians, Cops & Robbers, or Superheroes v. Aliens; Kids love to get messy, whether it’s food, mud, water, or paint; Kids love to move, whether it’s jumping, dancing, running, or playing;
Kids love to dress up, whether it’s Mom & Dad’s old clothes, team uniforms, a crazy costume, or paintball gear, and, Kids love to pretend.
Paintball offers kids the chance to do all these things in one fast-paced and fun activity that is absolutely safe for kids.

Like any action sport, paintball should always be played with the proper equipment. To make sure your kid plays safely, you’ll need a good paintball gun (or marker), some propellant (Co2 / HPA), and ammo (Paintballs). Safe paintball also requires a paintball approved mask. Once you’ve settled on a mask, outfitting your child with protective gear can enhance the fun as well as providing camouflage for successful evasion of your opponents’ markers.

The paintball world is full of kid-safe, specialized gear, from gloves to neck protectors to hats, headbands and face paint. Chest and back protectors, tactical shirts and jerseys, knee pads, shorts, pants, gauntlets and more are available in every size and color imaginable. You can suit up an entire team to make your own paintball “platoon” or go guerrilla style, with everyone rocking their own special and personal look.

And new safety improvements have made the game much more enjoyable and exciting for younger players likely participating in their first games of what will hopefully become a life-long activity.

While paintball is generally considered safe for players of almost any age, there are some exciting new additions to the world of paintball that will reassure both parents and players that everyone will have a great time in the woods or at the paintball park. The JT Splatmaster line includes safe, kid-tested, low-impact, spring-powered markers. And, an entire genre of .50 caliber, “low impact” paintball products means that younger players can enjoy the game without concern for the sting of an incoming traditional paintball.

Nowadays, paintball really is for everyone — girls, boys, men, women, school or college kids, scouting groups, friends, neighbors, church groups, recreational youth organizations, fire and police companies, office buddies, and more. The possibilities are endless. And because paintball is so safe for kids, it’s safe for everyone else, as well.
So grab your gear, gather up your kids, and go have some safe, paintball fun! You’ll be glad you did.

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