Pictured here are two broken Dynasty Paintballs. The left paintball is from a freshly opened bag, whereas the right paintball was in a freezer for four days. The fill is much thicker when colder, and the shell is extremely brittle.

Do Paintballs Freeze?

Paintballs are designed to fly straight, break on targets and make a bright mark. Though they are water-based, non-toxic, water-soluble and biodegradable, major paintball manufacturers add ingredients to help prevent them from freezing or becoming brittle in colder climates. Therefore, attempts to freeze paintballs in a household freezer will be unsuccessful and will actually cause paintballs to become extremely brittle, dimpled and fly apart as they are fired. Now if you wanted to go to the extremes you could put paintballs in a colder freezer or in liquid nitrogen making them freeze solid. It would still be very difficult to shoot the frozen paintballs as they would be misshaped and not fly straight. If any of this worries you, the chances of playing a game of Paintball with frozen paintballs is very unlikely as the paintballs would thaw before getting to the game.

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