A photo of a paintball mask with the lens fogged up.

How to stop a paintball mask from fogging?

A paintball mask is the most important piece of equipment a paintball player owns, even more important than a paintball gun! This is because a paintball mask is designed to keep the wearer safe during games of paintball by protecting not just the eyes of the wearer, but the entire face, ears and forehead as well! A fogged paintball mask is more than just frustrating, it’s dangerous, because when a paintball mask fogs, a player may be tempted to pull it off their face in the middle of a game, an action that could expose the face and eyes of a player to an incoming paintball! The best and easiest way to keep a paintball mask from fogging is to install a thermal, anti-fog lens in the mask, or purchase a mask equipped with a thermal lens. Other, somewhat less effective anti-fog solutions include anti-fog sprays or coatings that can be used on a lens, which should only be used after ensuring they will not degrade the integrity of the lens, and by ensuring the ventilation holes at the bottom and top of a goggle lens frame are not covered by hats, headwraps or other clothing, allowing air to flow through the goggle, helping prevent fog.

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