A paintball player wearing an approved paintball safety goggle that has a bright pink hit on the goggle.

How safe is paintball?

Due in no small part to how seriously the paintball industry takes the safety of its players, paintball has been statistically proven to be one of the safest sports in which a player can participate! At professionally-operated paintball parks around the world, physical contact between players is strictly forbidden and proper safety equipment must be used at all times. Due to the safety measures observed by the game of paintball and those who operate the industry, the most common injury in the game is a turned or twisted ankle from running, sliding and diving, and even then, only when wearing footwear that does not provide adequate ankle support.

How to ensure you are playing paintball in a safe environment?

The biggest factor for safety is you, not only do you need to ensure that you are maintaining all safety rules given by the paintball field in addition to pointing out others that are not maintaining rules. The standard 2 most important rules across all paintball fields are as follows:

  • Paintball approved goggles must be worn on the field at all times, no exceptions.
  • Barrel covers must be on all markers when not on the paintball field.

These two rules help to make sure that players eyes will covered when paintballs are being fired, and in turn the barrel of the marker will be covered when peoples eyes are not. If you see anyone violating these or any safety rules when playing paintball, you need to be sure to inform the referee or field employee immediately..

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