Pictured here is a low impact party. Six players in their proper safety gear, getting ready for another game!

What is the minimum age to play paintball?

In the past most paintball parks and fields around the globe agree that the youngest age for players to be introduced to the traditional game, played with paintball guns firing .68 caliber paintballs is approximately 10 years of age. This is due to ensuring that the safety equipment required to play the game fits well. Now with the introduction of low-impact games played with .50 caliber markers firing at lower velocity to ensure a less noticeable impact all the way to JT SplatMaster games played with spring-powered pump action guns that is ideal for introducing new and young players to the game, the age has drop to 6 or 7 years old.  With that said, kids, teenagers, young adults and full-grown adults can fall in love with the game at any age, as players from six all the way to sixty play the game regularly around the world!

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