HK Army Zero-GX Paintball Harness

Style: Black
Size: 4+3+4



HK Army Zero-GX Strapless Harness

The HK Army Zero-GX Strapless Harness is here! This pod pack boasts their patented X-Frame technology which is said to almost completely eliminate any harness bounce while you are running or diving. It also ensures the harness stays secured to your back if you are crawling up the snake!

The HK Zero-GX pod pack is extremely customizable, it features four tension belts that can be adjusted just how you want them. It also now features collapse compression construction and when paired with the exterior removable 4th-core belt it compresses and holds pods in place when loaded. With the HK 4th-core belt, as each pod is removed, it reduces the overall profile of the harness. The Zero-GX profile is close to flat once all pods have been removed.

With the release of the HK Zero-GX harness is also the debut of HK’s adjustable pod tightening system called Tension Control. This system allows the player to adjust the tension of the inner-elastic of the pod holster to their liking, it is conveniently located behind the anti-slip, lumbar support back-padding. This pod pack is said to firmly hold and protect any size pod you may choose to use!

This strapless harness system allows you to insert and release your pods with minimal effort. It incorporates compressed foam pod holsters making it durable and lightweight. With your comfort in mind this pod pack features built-in hip pad protection, three anti-slip lumbar support back-padding panels which are fully removable and adjustable as well as quad adjustable elastic waistbands (fits most waist sizes).

Zero-GX Pack Features:

  • The 4th-core exterior belt reduces the overall profile of the harness as every pod is removed from the harness.

  • Strapless Holsters with Patented fully adjustable Tension Control System on each holster 3 unique tri-material padding cells which are removable and adjustable to perfectly fit the body. Pads flex with your body motions for long lasting comfort.

  • 4 tension belts can be perfectly adjusted to your liking. The 4 belt construction almost fully eliminates any harness bounce while running or diving and ensures the harness stays secured to your back while crawling.

  • First of its kind 4-core belt system which weaves through itself to create a secure fit around the waist and reduce harness bounce.

  • Membrane compression Patented technology lining the inside of every holster which ensures a secure hold on the pods.

  • Anti-Slip Lumbar Support.


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