HK Army Zero G 2.0 Harness

Size: 3+2+4
Color: Black/Blue


The HK Army Zero G harness is one of the most advanced paintball harness on the market, its uses a unique pod tension system to keep pods securely in place despite not having any straps to keep them in place.

The HK Zero-G strapless harness was the first to incorporate an adjustable pod tightening system called Tension Control. Located right behind the anti-slip, lunar support back-pad you will find the Tension Control system. Tension Control allows you to easily adjust the Tension of the inner-elastic of the pod holster, to accosted all types of different pods size to make sure it holds tight.

The strapless system allows you to insert and release pods with ease. The harness is durable, lightweight and incorporates compressed foam pod holsters, built-in hip pad protection, dual adjustable elastic waistbands(fits most waist sizes), anti-slip lumbar support back-padding, and a clean TPR finish on the exterior.

  • Strapless Holsters with fully adjustable
  • Tension Control System on each holster
  • Anatomically coherent back padding that flexes with your body motions for long lasting comfort
  • Membrane compression technology lining the inside of every holster which ensures a secure hold on the pods
  • Padded holsters and holster cap
  • First of its kind belt system which weaves through itself to create a secure fit around the waist and reduce harness bounce
  • Anti-Slip Lumbar Support
  • Comes in three sizes: 3+2+4, 4+3+4 and 5+4+4

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