Empire Mini GS Paintball Gun - Dust Black

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The Mini GS is if not one of the most popular electronic mid-range paintball guns ever. The Mini GS is known for being quiet, efficient, consistent and just dead reliable. The Mini GS like it's name would suggest is small which makes it great from kids of smaller players. It's also great for new players because of its simplicity and reliability.

Along with the proven bolt system of the Mini GS, the Mini GS also includes a full wrap around front rubber grip. The rubber foregrip and rear grip helps you keep a good grip on your marker, even when your hands are covered in mud or paintballs. The Mini GS also features an on/off ASA (air source adapter), this allows you easily shut off air flowing to the marker.

  • Two-Piece Micro-honed, ported aluminum barrel
  • Electronic Firing Modes
  • Break bean eyes
  • On/Off ASA
  • Regulator Gauge
  • Rubber Foregrip
  • Clamping feedneck
  • Hose-less design


  • Weight:
    • 2.0 LBS
  • Length:
    • 19.25 Inches
  • Electronic / Mechanical:
    • Electronic
  • Firing Modes:
    • Semi Auto, Ramp, Full Auto, Burst
  • Co2 / Compressed Air
    • Compressed Air Only
  • Barrel Threads
    • AutoCocker
  • Type of Hopper recommended?
    • Any Electronic Hoppers
  • Whats Included in the Box:
    • Marker, Barrel, Barrel Cover, Spares, Allen Wrenches, Grease
  • Construction / Metal Finishing:
    • All Anodized Aluminum Construction
  • Warranty:
    • 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty

1/Can I use the Mini GS in tournaments?

Yes it will! The Empire Mini GS features a board that is easy to program, and it can be adjusted for current NXL standards.

 2/What is different between the Mini GS and the Axe 2.0?

The Mini GS is designed to be a inexpensive mid range marker that will preform on the fiend and keep up well with everything out there. It is a simple marker however to keep the cost down it does not have tool less bolt access, easy access to the eye covers, and as the name implies, it is rather small, all of which are the key differences between the Mini GS and the Axe 2.0

 3/What barrel kit works on the Empire Mini GS?

Any barrel kit that is Autococker threads will work on the Empire Mini GS.

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