Field One Acculock Full Barrel Kit - Autococker - Dust Black

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The Field One Acculock Barrel Kit is the culmination of more than a year of design and testing by one of the world's top professional paintball teams, San Diego Dynasty, coupled with over 20 years of experience in the sport. When the Field One team set out to create their new barrel kit, they strived to develop something that stood above everything else out there. After a substantial amount of design, testing in the harshest conditions around, Field One Paintball has developed a barrel designed to be superior in every way when comparing to what else is available!

The new Field One AccuLock Barrel Kit includes 6 6.75 inch control bores ranging in inner diameter (I.D.) from 0.675 all the way to 0.695, so you can get the perfect fit for any .68 cal paint. The design, finish and overall quality of the AccuLock Barrel System provide a seamless user experience that looks fantastic, preforms just as well, and comes packaged in a nice space saving case that fits all components of the barrel. 

  • Field One Paintball's patented self-aligning insert ensures you will have the perfect fit between control bore and tip every time, ensuring there is no ridge for paint to hit as it leaves the control bore and enters the barrel tip.
  • Heavy duty, inserts that are designed to take a beating without compromising function.
  • F1 Acculock control bores lock in place, with their new patent pending design, ensuring that while cleaning your barrel, the insert will stay in place.
  • The kit includes the following insert sizes:.675, .679, .683, .687, .691, and .695
  • The varying sizes of inserts included in this kit ensure that you have a size for any paint, weather it is on the small or large end of the spectrum.
  • Total 14" overall length with 6.75" control bores.
  • Available with AutoCocker threads only.

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