FXL Elite Barrel Tip - Orbit

Color: Blue / Purple


HK Army keeps your barrel looking fresh with their Elite barrel tips. Featuring their Orbit pattern, this barrel's standard and linear porting twists into a spiral, giving you a badass look while you play. These particular barrel tips are compatible with any Freak XL barrel back.

The HK Army Elite FXL Orbit barrel tip makes your barrel and marker stand out with an exterior that is more than just a stunning design - it's a masterpiece of precision and innovation. Our signature spiral milling design is more than a visual marvel it's a symbol of your journey - always progressing, never stagnant.

The Elite barrel tip with exterior-fluted ports and precision-honed "Orbit" milling makes this barrel tip a stellar enhancement to your marker aesthetic while delivering ball-on-ball accuracy with reduced sound signature. The precision barrel bore-honing used in the development of the ELITE barrel gives improved diameter uniformity, a quieter shot and a smooth interior finish.

  • Custom "Orbit" exterior-fluted milling and precision-honed barrel tip
  • Special designed porting design for improved performance and sound reduction while shooting.
  • Engineered to work with Freak® XL Barrel System and Freak® XL bore inserts (BARREL TIP ONLY)
  • Barrel tip designed to screw into Freak® XL barrel backs
  • 9.25" Total Barrel Tip Length
  • Diamond cut knurling grip for easier unscrewing of tip from barrel back
  • Spiral cut windows so bore insert can be seen through barrel tip
  • Machined aluminum with anodized finish

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