What gear does San Diego Dynasty Use? Who Sponsors them?

When you are playing at the highest levels of paintball with money on the line, you need to be able to step onto the field with full confidence in the gear that you are using. While professional teams are sponsored, they typically get to choose the sponsors they go with based off of available offers. So who sponsors San Diego Dynasty? Currently team Dynasty is sponsored by JT, GI Sportz, Field One, Pro DNA, Hormesis, Project, The Spic and Span Show, Brute, Play The Game Podcast, Capital Edge Paintball, and of course, BFPGear.com. While each of these sponsors contribute their own products to the team, there are some items that players can choose between based off what they prefer, so lets get into what gear Dynasty paintball uses.


What paintball gun does Dynasty shoot?

Field One Force used by San Diego Dynasty

Currently, all members of San Diego Dynasty use the Field One Force. Since the Core members of Dynasty also own Field One paintball, it only makes sense that they will continue to shoot Field One markers moving forward. While the Force was in development, they were able to test it on the pro field and really design it to exactly what they wanted in a high end marker. At the top of the list, Field One and Dynasty wanted the Force to be as reliable as possible to hold up to the toughest conditions. It needed to be soft on paint so you can shoot any paintballs out there. Another goal was to create a marker with options for players including the ability to switch the fore grip around and the ability to choose AA or Li-Po batteries. The Force is produced in a wide variety of small batch designs, making each one limited and unique. Some of the most popular Force designs include the individual Dynasty players signature series markers. Each of these limited edition markers are designed to reflect the players personality or give a glimpse of who they are off of the field. 

In addition to team Dynasty using the Field One Force, all players also use the Field One Acculock barrel kit. The F1 Acculock barrel allows players to size paint to their barrel for the most consistent shot possible. The insert is locked in place once the barrel tip is installed, since the insert is secured it will not be pushed out while cleaning the barrel, making these a fantastic choice for the team to use!

What mask does San Diego Dynasty use?

JT ProFlex used by San Diego Dynasty

The most popular goggle ever created, the JT Proflex is what members of Dynasty currently use. What makes the JT Proflex so popular is a mix of comfort, breathability, and the ability to build the exact goggle you want. Since Spectra style goggles have been produced for so long there is a wide array of parts for them that are available. Originally released in 1996 the JT Proshield was the basis for the Flex 7 in 1997, and then the JT Proflex was released in 2002. Each iteration of the goggles brought new styles, colors, and different parts that are interchangeable from all Spectra goggles. There has even been a special edition Dynasty JT Proflex, Dynasty proflex frames, and other parts produced over the years. 

What Loader does Dynasty use?

JT Triad hopper used by San Diego Dynasty

For the 2023 season Dynasty will be using the highly anticipated JT Triad loader. It has a nice low profile, comes with a rain lid and speed feed and it has a tool-less design for easy disassembly. Additionally, the Triad uses both sound activation and eyes to determine when it needs to feed more paint to the marker, ensuring that you have paint when you need it! 


Dynasty Jerseys, Pants, and Packs:

With the teams JT sponsorship, in addition to loaders and goggles, Dynasty also wears JT jerseys, Jt pants, and JT pod packs. Just like in any sport, team Dynasty jerseys are produced in a wide variety of styles including the individual Dynasty players jerseys, practice jerseys, and even blank fan style jerseys. 


Padding and gearbags:

 Pro DNA has created some fantastic products that are designed by professional players for professional players, some of these products that Dynasty use includes PRO DNA Protective gearPRO DNA Gear bags, and Infamous air tanks.


What paintballs do San Diego Dynasty use?

Since team Dynasty is sponsored by Gi Sportz (Kore outdoor), they use GI Sportz paint. At practice and recreational play they have their own branded Dynasty paintballs which are banana scented and only available through select retailers, Of course you can purchase this Dynasty banana ball at BFPGear.com. While at major NXL Events San Diego Dynasty uses Gi Sports 5-Star paintballs, which is some of the best and most brittle paint in the game so it is sure to break on everything it hits!

Gel Blaster:

Gel Blaster makes it so you can take the fun indoors or outdoors, the gellets that their blasters use break on impact and then dissolve, making minimal mess to clean up! 


Other sponsors:


BFPGear.com is the best online paintball store! With 2 retail stores to pull from BFPGear has a large inventory of products from the best manufacturers in paintball including a variety of exclusive and custom items. While BFP ships all over the United States, Sac Paintball Store in Sacramento California and Extreme Paintball in Modesto California can be selected for in store pickup orders for local customers. 


Play the Game Podcast:

Hosted by Marcello Margott and Tyler Harmon, Play the Game talks about everything involving the sport of paintball and commonly has guests on to discuss different things happening within the sport.


Brute is owned and operated by Blake and Laura Yarber, they develop chemical free natural products including sun screen and lip balm that is made in the USA.

Project Paintball: 

Project paintball develops pro quality small batch items that stand out from the crowd. Owned by Archie Montemayor and Ryan Brand, Projects products range all the way from barrel covers to high end private label markers.


Hormesis Paintball focuses mostly on high quality, hand made, limited headbands, but they also produce a variety of clothing and other accessories. 

Spick and Span Show:

The Spick and Span Show is hosted by Ryan Greenspan and Kyle Spicka weekly on their YouTube. Each week they cover rumors, news, and talk about all things painball!

Capital Edge Paintball:

Capital Edge Paintball in Sacramento California is a fantastic training facility for paintball teams of all calibers. This is San Diego Dynasty's home field, but you can commonly see other Professional teams there including Edmonton Impact.

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