Dynasty Takes Numerous Iconic Awards for 2022 season!

Starting in 2021 Iconic Paintball awards players for their outstanding contributions both on and off the field. Of course the best paintball team in the world, San Diego Dynasty and its members received multiple awards for their incredible showing in the 2022 season. Each of the Iconic Awards are specific to a category where that player, team, or individual rose above the rest. Let's dive into what Iconic awards team Dynasty won for the 2022 season! 

2022 Dynasty Iconic Awards Winners:

Icon of the year: Ryan Greenspan

 Ryan Grenspan The Icon of the Year Award

    There are few players in the world that are fantastic role models and ambassadors for the sport but one player that always stands out as a true Icon of the sport is Ryan Greenspan. Not only is Ryan one of the best players in the world, but he is a founder and owner of San Diego Dynasty. He is always working with players in clinics and camps to cultivate future generations of tournament paintball players.

    Offensive Player of the year: Archie Montemayor

    The Iconic Awards Offensive Player of the Year Award Archie Montemayor

    • When the goal of the game is to get down the field and eliminate the other players before they eliminate you, you need an offensive player that you can trust will position you correctly to close the point. Archie has made his career on being that clutch offensive player, you can count on him going on the field and having a major effect on the outcome of the match.

    Defensive Player of the year: Marcello Margott

    Marcello Margott The Defensive Player of the Year 2023

    • Have you ever wondered why Marcello Margott is usually one of the last players remaining on the field at the end of a point? This is because he is one of the strongest Defensive players out there, and in 2022 his defensive style had a huge contribution to the success of team Dynasty! Being a defensive player and positioning yourself correctly while your offensive players are trying to get down the field is exactly how high level teams are able to withstand whatever an opposing team throws at them and come out on top. 

    Snake Player of the year: Archie Montemayor

    Archie Montemayor Snake Player of the Year

    • The snake is arguably one of the most important positions on the field since a player can get into it and go all the way to the opposing side of the field unnoticed if there is not a player in front of them. Doing this, and being a dominant gunfighter in the snake is exactly what earned Archie Montemayor the snake player of the year award in addition to the Offensive player of the year Iconic Awards! Archie's combination of skill, timing, field awareness, and general paintball knowledge is exactly what has made him one of the strongest players not only on team Dynasty, but in the entire sport!

    Dorito Player of the year: Dalton Vanderbyl

    Dalton Vanderbyl The Dorito Player of the Year

    • When you are the starter on the dorito side of the field you have a unique job of being defensive and stoping players from making quick moves while also trying to make those quick offensive moves yourself to get down the field and surprise the bad guys. Dalton Vanderbyl is a substantial threat in the dorito due to his mastery of this unique balance and this is why Dalton is the 2022 Dorito Player of the year!

    Flex Player of the year: Ryan Greenspan

    Ryan Greenspan The Flex Player of the Year Award focuses on awarding the players who are absolute weapons for their teams.

    • A Flex player is someone who can play any position on the field, someone who can go up the center, fill the doritos, or push the snake, and being an effective flex player can change everything on the field. Ryan Greenspan has been around long enough to play everywhere that is needed and long enough to know how to play them all effectively. Ryan's overall ability on the field has kept him at the top of the game, and is exactly what earned him the 2022 Flex Player of the year Iconic Award in addition to Icon of the year!

    Head Coach of the year: Kevin "SK" Bredthauer

    • Proper professional team leadership can take any team to the next level, since returning as head coach of San Diego Dynasty Kevin Bredthaur has led the team to 2 NXL world cup and series wins and 3 major NXL event wins, making him the clear choice for Head Coach of the year for the second year in a row!

    Kevin "SK" Bredthauer Coach of the Year 

    2021 Dynasty Iconic Awards winners:

    Icon of the year: Marcello Margott

    Offensive player of the year: Blake Yarber

    Move of the year: Alex Fraige

    Team of the year: San Diego Dynasty

    Coach of the year: Kevin Bredthauer

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