Pictured from left to right: Valken Infinity, Draxxus Silver, Dynasty Pro Team Paintballs, Empire Evil.

What is the difference between the different grades of paintballs?

Paintballs are available in different grades in order to offer players choices between basic, affordable paintballs for practice or recreational play and improved, higher-performance paintballs suitable for competition. In addition, various brands of paintballs can offer improved performance when used with different types of paintball guns. More expensive paintballs offer better performance including straighter flight for improved accuracy and more brittle shells increasing the chance of a break on-target, while fills are generally much brighter and produce a more visible mark, or splat, on-target. Starting out with a recreational grade paint, this is designed to shoot well, but may have some inconsistencies in its shape and size from ball to ball. As you go up in the grades of paintballs they start to get more consistently shaped, sized, and even more brittle, so it breaks on anything that it will hit.

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