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Paintball Gun VS. Paintball Marker

A paintball gun and a paintball marker are the same thing. Both are names used to describe the air-powered devices used by paintball players to shoot paintballs at one-another during paintball games. While these devices are all paintball guns, the term paintball “marker” is derived from the early history of paintball, when a group of adventurers used marking pistols intended for the forestry and cattle herding industries to shoot paintballs at one-another for the first time. In addition, the term “paintball marker” is both accurate, and somewhat less controversial than “paintball gun” when describing the game of paintball to those who do not play the game, or who may not have a great deal of knowledge about paintball, who may be made nervous by the concept of people shooting paintball “guns” at each other. The terms “paintball gun” and “paintball marker” are interchangeable when referring to modern paintball equipment.

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