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Ever since the inception of the Field One Force, the boys in San Diego Dynasty have used this marker extensively. Combining feedback from the players and from their personal experiences with the Force, the Field One Force V2 was born. With internal improvements to make the marker more reliable, and a new milling pattern that is stunning, what else has changed? Let's go through all of the changes that the back to back to back...to back World Champion paintball gun has gone through.

The New

As the saying goes, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it," and there are not a lot of changes from the V1 Force to the new V2. Aside from the milling and packaging, all of these changes are going to be internal. The case that comes with the V2 Force is the carbon fiber finish, which makes it easier to clean off dirt, smudges, etc. The milling, of course, does offer a 5% reduction in the weight of the Force V2, but that's a very small and negligible number. It does look damn good though.

With the mention of the internals, the V2 Force is significantly more reliable than its progenitor. The Rhino HPR, Pillow Tip bolt, and Nucleus Engine Volume Chamber have been redesigned to be better. Starting off with the Rhino HPR, there's less chance of pressure spiking in your regulator, which gives you more consistency and cuts down on maintenance. The pillow tip now uses a stainless steel crown screw for increased durability, and the rubber bolt tip uses a higher durometer material for a longer life span and reduced sound signature. Lastly, the Nucleus Engine Volume Chamber uses a tougher material and has a slightly larger chamber, which allows for lower operating pressure overall.

The Old

Sure, the biggest change with the V2 Force is the milling and internals being updated, but the efficiency and shot signature has largely remained unchanged. That's not necessarily a bad thing though, and that's because the Force's shot trajectory is just...well, it's THE BEST. Seriously, I don't think I've ever shot a marker that has such an incredibly straight and flat trajectory before. If you want to get a guy out from across the field, this is the paintball gun you want in your hands.

As for the efficiency, well, the Force wasn't originally designed with that in mind. Off of an 80ci bottle with an output pressure of 450psi, we were only able to get 1200~ shots. If you were to shoot any other high end or tournament grade marker, you'd be getting 1500+ shots with ease! But what the Force lacks in efficiency, it makes up for with superb paint handling. It's kind of unfair how incredible the Force is with brittle paint versus other paintball markers out there.

Closing Remarks

I don't think it's safe to say that the Force V2 is just a facelift from the original, but I'd view it more like an update to create a far more reliable product. Updated internals work together to create a much more user-friendly experience with way less room for error, and doesn't take away from the things we know and love with the Force. In all due honesty, this is the paintball gun that I want if I ever get into a gunfight with someone, or for dueling. The shot trajectory is simply the best, and the Force has always handled paint exceptionally well. If you want to be a masterclass player on the field, the choice is simple: Be A Force.

Snag a Field One Force V2 right HERE.

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