Dufort is pictured here helping a customer pick out a paintball marker. The markers of voice are the Etha 3M, Empire Axe 2.0, and the Shocker AMP.

What to consider before buying a paintball gun.

A first paintball gun is an important investment. A good choice for a first paintball gun can help a new player learn the game and sport of paintball successfully, while a poor choice can lead to frustration and defeat. Some paintball players prefer the idea of creeping around in the woods, sniping and engaging in combat, while other players dream of a future in competitive paintball on tournament fields playing for the big money. A paintball gun that’s ideal for one style of play, won’t necessarily be great for the other. Players looking to join the competitive, tournament style of paintball should consider a paintball gun that’s a bit lighter, with tournament features like electronic firing modes and a vertical feed system and double trigger. Keeping in mind that when buying an electronic paintball gun you will need an electronic marker in order to feed the paintballs fast enough to keep up with the gun. While for more tactical, military-style players, a marker with a feed system that allows for sighting down the top of the receiver, accessory rails and all-weather capability may be a better choice.

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