Pictured is an air tank with the gauge reading air inside, and next to it there is text that reads, "Is this safe?" The BFPGear.com logo and Extreme Paintball logo are next to the air tank
Is It Safe To Keep C02 or Compressed Air In The Paintball Tank?

Yes! Compressed air can be safely stored in a compressed air tank almost indefinitely, though a player who plans to travel with their compressed air bottle by airplane will have to first drain the tank, then remove the regulator to allow the TSA to visually inspect the inside of the bottle. This should only be undertaken by a trained specialist at a local paintball pro-shop. While it is also safe to store CO2 in a CO2 bottle, as CO2 is susceptible to hot weather, CO2 bottles should always be stored out of direct sunlight and should not be left in a car on a hot day, in order to prevent the safety burst disk from blowing, venting excess pressure, should the internal pressure within the tank grow too high.

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