Pictured here is a lot of Dynasty paint! Stored simply in a temperature controlled room.

Paintballs are made from gelatin and are biodegradable, water-soluble and sensitive to temperature. While they can keep for some time if properly stored, if not protected from the elements they won’t last long at all. Store paintballs at room temperature and keep them dry, preferably in the sealed bags you bought them in. Don’t let paintballs get much hotter than room temperature or they’ll begin to stick together or develop dimples from getting stuck together, while cold will make paintballs much more brittle. If you purchased a case of paintballs, leave them in the bags and box they were purchased in and keep them in a cool, dry place such as the closet or a spare room with an even temperature and out of direct sunlight. 

Where is the best place to store paintballs?

While it seems like the garage would be the ideal place for paintballs, it actually is not. Since the floor is usually cold and they are not always temperature controlled, paintballs usually go bad in this kind of environment. One of the best places for your extra paintballs would be in a spare room or closet. This way they are out of the way, still in a temperature controlled environment, and should help to prolong the life of them. 

I wont be playing for a long time, what should I do with my paintballs?

While paint will last for a short while it will degrade over time, if you know you will not be using it for a time, what you can do to prolong its life is to simply rotate the paint in the bags. All you have to do is roll it around and move it a little bit, this helps to prevent it from sticking together and from sitting in excess oils while it is not being used. 

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