How To Get Paintball Sponsorship?

How to get sponsors in paintball.

Paintball sponsorships are a very commonly discussed but misunderstood thing. While many believe a “sponsorship” somehow equals a manufacturer or company providing a player or team with free gear or “stuff” to play with, this is certainly not the case. A paintball player or team must show a company in the industry that they are deserving of that company’s attention and time, and eventually, their products or equipment at discounted rates as a sponsorship has to actually work for both parties involved – the company providing the gear and the team or player receiving that gear. This works because a sponsorship is in-essence part discounted sale to create loyal customers and another part marketing expense as the sponsored athlete is expected to help their sponsor generate more sales through, at the very least, visibility and, hopefully success. The best way to start down the road towards a paintball sponsorship is to play hard, play regularly and become a standout in one part of the game or another, whether in the woods or on a competitive field. Then, a team or individual can join a factory support program such as Empire’s “All In” program or the G.I. Sportz “Imperial Program” that provide teams with equipment at discounted rates so long as they abide by the rules of those programs. As a team or player progresses and becomes a success within those programs, the incentives improve. The first step is to contact your local Park or Store and see if they participate in such programs, if not, reach out to the manufacturer directly via their website.