Virtue Spire V Paintball Loader - Purple Amethyst




Virtue has made one of the best loaders in the current market, and now you can get them in some sweet new colors. These colors are a single, limited run!

Purple Amethyst Virtue Spire V Loader

The Spire V (5) paintball loader is the culmination of over ten years of continuous development. Its fast, jam-proof performance is not only even easier to use, but also more reactive, consistent, and robust than ever.

  • Dual Sensor Technology:

The Spire 5 electronics merge two reliable high-performance platforms. Accelerometer technology is augmented with 3 Infrared Sensors to seamlessly control the activation and stopping power of the jam-proof Spire drive system. Dual sensing technology allows for precise ball detection throughout the entire feeding cycle.

  • Easy Electronics:

Just turn it on and go, no programming or debug settings will ever be needed.

  • Upgraded Dual Shell Lock and Lightweight Durable Design:

The Spire V hopper features a redesigned locking system that is more robust than ever. It’s toolless hinged shell is constructed with durable glass-filled nylon to hold up to virtually any level of abuse

  • Soft on Paint & Jam Proof Design:

Designed to feed all levels of paint, from dimpled, misshapen paintballs to the most fragile paint your marker can shoot. Flexible rubber fingers gently feed brittle paint and clear any potential jams.

  • Toolless Spire Drive & Tray:

The magnetic Spire drive features soft rubber fingers which are easily removable for cleaning or service as well as battery changes. The ball tray can also be disassembled without tools for fast cleaning to keep your Spire V in top condition after a hard day's play.

Included CrownSF II Speed Feed: Each Spire V (5) comes with a color-matched high performance CrownSF II Speed Feed with removable spring fingers which lock into place for every dive or breakout. As an added bonus a rain lid included too!

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