Virtue Breakout V2 Strapless Pod Pack

Style: All Black 4+7



Lightning fast, one handed loading of pods | Adjustment free | Extra stable with royal comfort!

The Breakout pack licenses revolutionary strapless technology for your game with its lightning speed one handed load and unload functionality simple enough for anyone to load like a pro.

The patented pod holding technology makes you able to load and unload any kind of 135-165 round pod without any adjustments needed. The harness belt is the most stable, has the finest Velcro available which will hold you pods super safe as you slide in to the next bunker.


Strapless one handed load and unload functionality
Works with all 135-165 pods, no adjustments needed
Super stable belt with 300 degree grip print and 4 way lock down
Padded back plate for royal comfort.
Available in 4+7 (Holds 11 pods) or 5+8 (Holds 13 pods)

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