Tippmann Cronus Paintball Gun - Tan/Black

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The new Tippmann Cronus Basic combines high performance with incredible durability in a Mil-sim body. The Cronus features our reliable in-line bolt system in a high-impact composite body with soft over molded rubber grips. This marker is easily modified & features four picatinny rails to mount an assortment of accessories.
  • Black and Tan Color Scheme
  • Proven, in-line bolt design
  • Internal gas line
  • High-impact composite body
  • Multiple Picatinny rails
  • High-performance ported barrel
  • Vertical Grip
  • Front and Rear fixed sights
  • Optional Mod Kit available including mock silencer, stock, carry handle

  • Weight:
    • 2.13 LBS
  • Length:
    • 20.25  Inches
  • Electronic / Mechanical:
    • Mechanical
  • Firing Modes:
    • Semi Auto
  • Co2 / Compressed Air
    • Compressed Air or Co2
  • Barrel Threads
    • A5
  • Type of Hopper recommended?
    • Any hooper, Electronic for optimal performance
  • Whats Included in the Box:
    • Marker, Barrel, Barrel Cover, Spares, Allen Wrenches, Oil
  • Construction / Metal Finishing:
    • Composite construction
  • Warranty:
    • 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty

1/Is the Tippmann Cronus a good gun?

The Tippmann Cronus is a fantastic marker that is extremely reliable and simple! It is one of our top recommendations for just getting started in the sport, especially since it requires very little maintenance to keep it going.

 2/What upgrades for the Tippmann Cronus can I get?

The Cronus can be upgraded with a Mock silencer, a stock, and the carry handle, in addition certain barrels can be used on this marker.

 3/What barrel works best on the Tippmann Cronus?

The Cronus can use barrels with A5 style threads, however not all A5 barrels will work as the Cronus has a "shroud" like part that sits just in front of the threads, meaning any barrels with extra milling near the threads will likely not fit the most optimal barrels to use for this marker are any that range between 14 to 16 inches. The most common barrels that fit this marker are the CP 1pc style barrels.

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