Silencio "Double Helix" Barrel Tip - S63

Finish: Dust
Color: Black



Infamous has been the pioneer with new barrel tips that have liquid resistant porting. From the thin line porting that helps prevent water from getting inside of your barrel tip to this new double helix pattern, Infamous barrels are meant to be played in any condition while allowing you to shoot laser beams. 

We are proud to introduce the Infamous barrel Tip with Silencio Double Helix Porting. Patent Pending Silencio Linear Porting was developed to deliver on those demands of the pro players. Quiet, Consistent, Laser Accuracy and Liquid Intrusion Resistant.

This Silencio™ Double Helix tip works with the ALL NEW Planet Eclipse S63 Barrel System and PWR inserts. As the name suggests this linear spiral ported barrel tip is ultra quiet and has machined knurling for extra grip when your hands are wet, muddy or slick. The Silencio™ is ready for all conditions with its liquid intrusion resistant porting.


  • Compatible with Planet Eclipse™ PWR inserts and the S63 Barrel System
  • Assembled length: 14.5' (Tip+Back)
  • Machine knurling for extra grip
  • Silencio as the name suggests is extremely quiet
  • Will work with the stock PE S63 barrel back or our "PWR Grip Back"
  • Liquid Intrusion Resistant
  • Consistent Precision Accuracy
  • Micro honed

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