PRO DNA Silencio Full Barrel Kit - Cocker Thread

Style: Gloss Black



 The PRO DNA SILENCIO BARREL KIT is incredibly versatile and is the most advanced Infamous barrel system to date. The kit is electro-polished and it has 6-piece’s featuring a Silencio tip with four solid 8" barrel backs in even numbered bore sizes to best suit the player’s needs (680”, .683”, .686”, .688”). In addition to all the above, the kit also includes a matching barrel back that accepts XL barrel inserts. Giving the player the option to use either a solid bore two-piece barrel or use their own XL inserts with the kit. The compact, modular zipper case houses this incredible setup allowing it to easily fit inside your gear bag. As an added feature, it can be mounted using the included molle system, to the outside of your PRO DNA modular bag.

What exactly is electro-polish?
Electro-polishing provides the smoothest interior surface for a barrel which is why this is process is used for the Infamous Silencio Barrel backs. If you were to break a paintball in your barrel, lower friction allows for breaks to be shot through and cleaned faster. There are no coatings or chemicals. By using only a honing process, no chemicals or coating, electro-polishing is the smoothest finish you can have with no material left behind.

The Pro DNA Kit offers the ultimate in professional grade shot accuracy and consistency! The end user can choose to use the precision bore barrel backs or XL inserts they may already have on hand. This gives players the choice and control to use the best barrel option with the paint they have on hand. It comes bundled in an ultra-compact modular case that is not only super portable but looks great as well.

What is included with the Pro DNA Sillencio Barrel Kit:

  • PRO DNA 8" Control Backs: .680”, .683”, .686”, .688”
  • PRO DNA XL Insert Back: Accept all XL inserts
  • PRO DNA Barrel Case: Modular and Compact

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